Reimagining the Familiar with Benjamin Edgar Gott

Client: adidas Originals


Taking our “Creating a Classic” campaign to a fridgid Chicago in December, we visited with designer, entrepreneur and artist Benjamin Gott.

Ben authored the pivotal early-internet editorial blog The Brilliance with fellow Chicago creatives Chuck Anderson and Virgil Abloh in the early 2010’s, and later helped found The Boxed Water Company, Th-oughts, and Benjamin Edgar, An Object Company.

We talked with Ben about his creative inspirations and practices, focussing on what makes him see objects as classic in design – a theme that echoes across his own work, which deeply cnsiders everyday objects and elevates them through material execution and visual story.

To culminate our project with Ben, we hlepd him put on an object design exhibition in Chicago in early February, where he reimagined his iconic white marble hanger in a number of new materials, from clear acryllic, to carbon fiber and foamed aluminum, alongside the adidas AR Trainer.


Project Completed at Kamp Grizzly

Role: CD in collaboration with Ryan Blackway
Photography: Lyndon French (ex exhibition imagery)
Film DP / Director: Nicholas Woytuk
Film Editor: Matt Taylor