Oakley PRIZM 

Client: Oakley
Year: 2023


Oakley asked us to direct a visual refresh of the creative that they use to educate consumers about PRIZM lenses - a prorietary product technology that sharpens contrast, clarity and color for the wearer.

We found that the benefit of Prism lenses is so much easier to show and see than it is to explain. When one experiences it for the first time, it can be pretty shocking - and even if PRIZM is the legal name, we went as far as to suggest a renaming :)

A sarcastic tone of voice across the composed layouts and video voiceover compliments this approach by trying to poke a little fun at ourselves for obsessing tech details like lens polarization.


Project Completed at Kamp Grizzly

Role: Creative Direction
Photo & Video: Aaron Blatt
Art Direction: Tyler Alexander
Designer: Nicholas Gammon
Film Editor: Martin Reigel