Oakley Future Genesis Teaser

Client: Oakley
Year: 2023


In 2023, we began a partnership with Oakley to develop a brave new brand fiction project entitled Future Genesis. Reinterpreting some of the brand’s storied advertising creative of the 90s, we see the reappearance of Max Fearlight. As a foundational character from Oakley's origins, we used Max as the starting point of a new, cinematic universe that is expanding into the next generation with the introduction of Max’s daughter, Maxine.

In collaboration with the Oakley brand, KAMP is developing the story of Future Genesis in real-time, with ambitions stretching years into the future. This undertaking included naming, story development, scripting, character design, design tool creation, and production oversight for a narrative that will soon expand into multiple chapters of films, comic books, and consumer activations.

Our goal is to reinvigorate Max's legacy, inspiring a new generation of Oakley enthusiasts. As a nod to the brand’s past and a pathway to their future.


Project Completed at Kamp Grizzly

Role: Creative Direction, Animation Direction, Writing
Writer and Co-Creative Direction: Jeff Harding
Animation: Revenant (Glasgow)
Art Direction: Pete Bowhan
Design: Tyler Alexander