Oakley Future Genesis Chapter 1

Client: Oakley
Year: 2024


Continuing the narrative started in 2023, this year we released the first installment of the Future Gensis. Working in CGI with Psyop as an animation partner, we created a cinematic trailer to introduce the world to our characters, and in tabndem released a printed comic book teaser to begin the start of a series of full-length comics that will tell the Future Genesis story in full detail.

Chapter One takes place many years after the Original Max Fearlight commercials, and several years before our teasers. It finds Max returning home to the bunker from the unforgiving outside world that he insists is getting worse. He is immediately greeted by his pregnant wife, Sasha, and young daughter, Maxine, both of whom long to be able to explore and enjoy the freedom of being outside.

As we developed the Chapter 1 animation and storyline, we began to integrate existing and future eyewear, as a way to engage Oakley stans and hook in newcomers that may be curious about what the brand is up to. Our aim is for the fiction platform to become a creative conduit to inspire products, brand design, communications, and consumer activations.

As the project continues over the next few years, we will be releasing subsequent installments of the story through new animations and printed comics


Project Completed at Kamp Grizzly

Role: Creative Direction, Animation Direction, Writing
Writer and Co-Creative Direction: Jeff Harding
Animation Director: Hanzo Hanzo / Psyop
Art Direction: Tyler Alexander
Design: G Stewart
Comic Writer: Zack Kaplan
Comic Spreads: Keron Grant (art), Valentina Biancomi (color), Frank Cvetkovik (lettering)

Comic Covers: Mark Molchan (font), Kyle Lambert (back)